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Welcome to The Opuntia Shop

Prickly Pears - hardy ones, ones for tortoise food, some for human food!

Here you will find the best selection in the UK of opuntia plants. There is something for everyone here. Prickly pears can be used as tortoise or other reptile food, some are edible by humans in salads or as jams. Of course, cactus collector's have them for their flowers or because they look like the archetypal cactus - ferocious and very architectural.

Prickly pears are certainly survivors - the will tolerate a lot of neglect and extreme environments. Many are hardy outdoors in europe with no protection (in a very free-draining soil). Almost all would survive if dry in winter, in an un-heated greenhouse.

So whether you are looking for the perfect houseplant or a present for someone you don't like at all - you've come to the right place!

Note: Photos are not contractual, they may represent subjects of different ages of the plants offered for sale.




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